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Bath - Selection

One of the first things to consider, which many people over look, is will the bath fit in your home? Measure doorways, hallways, stairs etc to see what size you can accommodate. Also how much room you have available in the bathroom. Only once you have determined what size you have available to you should you decide what type.

There are many sizes, shapes and colours available on the market aswell different designs and materials used.


Here are a few to think about:


  • Acrylic is a lightweight modern material which is  moulded to produce high standard bath design, yet is strong and durable.  


  • Cast iron baths are very heavy so you will need a strong floor or have it reinforced.


  • Fibre glass moulded baths are of less quality than acrylic but are cheaper.


  • Freestanding baths don't need panelling or building in. But waste pipe and pipework to taps are on display.


  • Shower baths are a great space-saving option when you are looking for a  shower and  a bath, but have no room for them separate.


  • Whirlpool baths have jets of air and water to relax and massage your body giving you a whole new bathing experience.


  • Corner baths come in two types equally sided or off set. The later gives more leg room and has handed taps either left or right hand.


  • Easy access baths. Walk in or mechanical lifting baths. Used by the elderly or disabled.

Big Baths vs. Smaller Baths


Size does matter, here are some pros and cons.


Big Baths




  • Greater bathing experience.

  • Water stays warm for longer because of volume of water.

  • More room to wash.

  • Less restriction.




  • Takes up more room.

  • Takes longer to fill up.

  • Cost of heating alot of water and the cost of water itself , if your on a meter will also rise.

  • Usually more expensive to purchase.


    Smaller Baths




  • Take up less room in the bathroom.

  • Usually cheaper to purchase.

  • Quicker to fill.

  • Cheaper to fill.




  • Water loses its heat quicker.

  • Movement is restricted.

  • Lesser bath experience.

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