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Pipe clips are used to secure pipework to a surface which also help give a tidy finish. They are available in a wide range sizes dependant on the pipe size you want to clip.


Here are a few examples:

The copper saddle clip "saddles" the pipe to

the surface your fixing to. Leaving no gap

between the pipework and the surface.

Copper Saddle Clip

The hinged plastic clip. Each clip has an interlocking dovetail to allow multiple parallel pipe runs to be produced.

Hinged Clip
Nail in Clip
School Board Clip
Snap-in open clip

The brass school board cilp holds the pipework slightly more away from the surface than most makes of clips.

The snap-in open clip simple grips the pipe once pushed in.

The plastic nail on clip complete with masonary nail.

Down pipe square clip
Plastic saddle clip

The plastic saddle clip and the plastic square clip. These are typical found outside the home securing soil pipe, down pipes, wastes etc.

So you've chosen the appropriate clip for the job, whichever that may be the fixing must be secure to prevent damage and the possible developement of  air locks. The table below gives you a guide line on clip spacing, but remember one clip too many is better than one clip too few, and in many cases you will have to use your own judgement.

Maximum spacings for internal pipework (m)

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