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Draining Down System

So you are working on the heating and need to drain it down, but how? Here it is made easy by following these simple steps.

Drainig down:


  • Isolate at boiler controls (boiler spur switch).


  • Locate and turn off coldfeed, this is on pipe work coming down from tank above/in loft to pipework in cylinder cupboard.


  • Attach hose pipe to drain off cock with a jubilee clip on heating system, usually a radiator, and open the cock to start draining. Also make sure your draining into an outside grid.


  • When the water starts to slow down open the radiator bleed vents slightly so air can be dragged in to aid draining.


Job Done!



  • When its time to open the radiator bleed valves make sure its sucking in and not leaking out water, if this is the case just wait a bit longer.

  • You only need to open the radiator bleed vents on the upstairs radiators and the one your draning from.

  • If it is taking a very long time to drain the isolation valve on the coldfeed may be passing. So you will have to replace this valve.

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