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Funny Noises



Whooshing/gurgling - this is either air in the pipework or can sometimes happen when you first turn your boiler on.


Banging/knocking - this is just a case of under clipped pipework. Unless the boiler is also banging (see boiler noises above).


Pipes (under floor)


Squeeking/creaking - this can be caused by improper clipping of pipework and/or improper cutting of the joists. Basically the metal is moving as it expands and contracts, rubbing on its surrounding area.




Whooshing/gurgling - this probably happens when the system or radiator is first turned on. It is simply the water flowing in the pipework and in some cases a bit of air.


Radiator (valve)


Rattling - you probably only notice this noise when the system or radiator is turned on. It is simply the valve seating vibrating in the flow of water. You can ease this by slightly opening or closing the valve abit , otherwise the valve will need to be replaced.



Banging (like someone thumping the boiler) - this can be one of three things. This can be either the pump, the boiler thermostat or (on very rare occassions) a blockage.


Kettle-ing - this sounds like a kettle coming up to the boil. This is usually a sign that the boiler thermostat is on its way out.


Loud buzzing - this can be due to the fan being jammed or in some cases a faulty pcb and should be investigated further by a heating engineer.

Cylinder (airing cupboard)


Kettle-ing sound - you probably have the immersion heater turned on.


Loud buzzing/humming - you probably notice this happens when you run the hotwater. This is water hammer and is a result of either under clipping of the pipework or more likely a faulty ball valve.



Loud screaching - this sometimes happens when the fire is first put on. It's nothing to worry about, it's just because the injectors haven't warmed up and opened more.


Knocking/ticking - you may hear this as you put the fire on or turn it off. Its simply the metal expanding and contracting.

Room Thermostat


Clicking - this is just the roomstat regulating the temperature by turning itself on and off.

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