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There are various pipes made of various materials in your home and dependant on the job it does determines the material its made from.


They can be:

  • Plastic

  • Copper

  • Steel

  • Polyethlene (Alkathene)

  • Lead

  • Pvc

Also a factor when choosing pipe is the diameter (or "bore" as its sometimes known).


Common sizes in your home are:

  • 8mm (Microbore.)

  • 10mm (Microbore.)

  • 12mm (Chrome from pedestal tap feeding fire.)

  • 15mm (Average size in most homes now.)

  • 22mm (Average size in most homes now.)

  • 28mm (Circs off some primatic cylinders.)

10mm copper tube
polythene pipe
Plastic pipe.
Length of copper tube.

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