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If you don't want all the trouble of soldering (flux and solder every where, joints not running properly, scorch marks....) and would like a cheaper faster way to work then consider using plastic instead. Nearly all pipes and fiitings that you could get for copper are available in plastic.

Example of a plastic push fit cap.
Example ofa plastic push fit elbow.
Example of a plastic pipe insert.
Example of a plastic push fit tee.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages.




  • No soldreing required.

  • Easy to piece together.

  • Very little plumbing knowledge required to use.

  • Cheaper than copper.

  • Quicker to install.

  • Very flexible so no need for bends.

  • Doesn't corrode or rust.

  • You are able to push in and take out the pipe from the fittings as many times as you like (easier to replace incorrectly cut pipe).


  • It bows too much making it unsightly if on show.

  • Vermin can chew through it causing leaks.

  • Not trusted by some who prefer the "solidness" of copper.

  • Cannot be connected direct from boiler because it is too hot.

  • The pressure rating of plastic pipe decreases with temperature.

  • Push fit joints are bigger and uglier than there metal counterparts.

  • Cannot be used on gas.

Example of plastic pipe.
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