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Radiators Common Faults

Here are some of the common faults associated with radiators.



  • Whoosing or gurgling - this is the sound of air and water moving through the radiator. Bleed the radiator to remove air. If this is constant problem check for leaks, the speed of the pump and if the coldfeed and vent are in the correct location.


  • Chattering - this rattling can be the seat of the radiator valve "chattering". You can turn the valve (slightly opening or closing) to sort this problem. Try turning the pump speed down can also cure this. This noise can also be caused by incorrectly fitting a thermostatic radiator valve (if it has a direction of flow and has been fiited on the wrong way round) to fix this turn the valve round or fit a bi-directional valve (works either way). If its a regular valve and the above doesn't solve the problem then replacethe valve.



  • Components leaking - if the tailpiece, radiator valve, vent or plug are leaking these can be resealed with p.t.f.e tape or simply tightened up. If they are cracked on the body/split then replace the part.


  • Leaking radiator - if its leaking anywhere on the radiator itself then replace the radiator with a new one.

Radiator Not Working Properly


  • Cool at the top - this is because air has built up in the radiator, bleed the radiator to cure this.


  • Cool at the bottom - cold spots at the bottom of the radiator indicate that its got sludge inside. To remedy this you will have to flush the radiator/system.


  • Not coming on at all - this is a blockage of some sort. Either air lock or sludge blocking the pipework which ever it is it will need to be cleared.

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