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Valves - Idendifying

Here are a few pictures of the valves that we mention in the site. Many of these valves can be found around your home, your valves may look slighlty different but these are just to help you identify them.

Example of a 15mm ball valve.
Example of a15mm gate.
Example of a 15mm stop tap.
all smaller54
all smaller55
filling loop
Example of a drain off cock.
Example of a polythene tap.
Example of a pressure relief valve.
Example of a pump valve.

15mm Stop Tap - Located on cold water supplys to tanks and cylinders

Polythene Stop Tap - Located on cold water supply coming into the house. This then reduces to 15mm to supply your bath, sink, tanks etc.

Drain Off Cock - sometimes referred to as the d.o.c or drain valve. This is located at various point on the pipework in your home.

Pump Valve - Located either side of the pump.

Pressure Relief Valve - reffered to as a p.r.v or blow off valve. These are located on sealed systems and combi boilers. Styles vary and they usually have a red top.

Gate Valve - Located at various points on the systems pipework.

Ball Cock - Located in toilets, tanks and cylinders.

Ball-O-Fix - Located on filling loops(pictured), on washing maching hoses and a host of other positions.

Radiator Valve - Located either side of the radiator. These come in a great variety of shapes, styles and colours. Some have a ground face tailpiece (top valve picture) and some even have a inbuilt drain off point (bottom valve picture).

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